Vehicle Graphics: Drive Impressions

How many times does your company vehicle drive up and down a major street in your city? How many cars drive on this road each day? Have you noticed the large billboards as you drive along these roads?

Which has more impact...


Or this?

You are a mobile billboard that is taking advantage of prime real estate that is on YOUR vehicles!

Consider the cost of lettering your vehicle with a full graphic wrap, and compare that to the cost of renting a billboard for a month. Now consider the fact that once you have wrapped your vehicle, you have that mobile advertising for the next 3 or more years! Now that is a far more cost effective use of both the real estate space on your vehicle AND the cheap advertising you create as a result!

Make an impression on the city streets. Let Stevens help you!

Did you know...

Attention to detail, state-of- the-art equipment, inspired design and unique applications mean we can create signage for anything, to go anywhere.

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Drive Impressions

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